KN5L's Morse Picture Page


This morse picture page has pictures of morse related items such as keys and keyers.
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This Iambic and straight pair belong to Bill, WB5ZAM. Bill mounted a Bencher Iambic and Lionel straight key on a single base. The Lionel key was one from a garage sale find. WB5ZAM Pair

This Flame Proof Navy Key belongs to Bill, WB5ZAM. It is a a put together project from a swapfest find. Flame Proof Key

This Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe Key belongs to Bill, WB5ZAM. It is a recent acquisition from Carl Smith's, K5SO, SK estate. WB5ZAM Vibroplex

This Stan Hails, W9WBL, V22 Iambic Key belongs to Bill, WB5ZAM. It is a recent acquisition from Carl Smith's, K5SO, SK estate. V22 Key

This Vibroplex Standard Straight Key belongs to Tom, KG4CUY. Tom used this key during the 2003 Straight Key Night (SKN). Vibroplex Straight

The Vibroplex Company has been around since 1890. Shown is the Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe paddle purchased 112 years later by Wayne, W0ZW. It features a highly polished chrome base as well as top parts and brass name plate. Wayne uses his paddle with the Logikey Model K-3 Keyer that KN5L convinced him to buy. Vibroplex Iambic

Here is a picture of the Bencher Non-iambic paddle that belongs to Walt, K1QS. It is Non-iambic because he never was able to master the use of an iambic "squeeze" key. This key is like new, Walt RARELY operates CW. K1QS Bencher

This Wm. M. Nye Company SSK-001 Super Squeeze Key and Logikey Model K-3 Keyer belong to KN5L. The first memory button is "KN5L." K1QS said that the second button, therefore must send "R 5NN TU." Nye SSK

Many, many years ago, in ancient times, this key was used by a fledgling novice amateur. The key is inscribed 'telegraph key' 'A T & T CO' and also 'Western Electric Co' and was used by Walt, K1QS during his first year in amateur radio, starting in November, 1957 (told you this was ancient history) K1QS Telegraph Key

Over 15 years ago, Bill, WB5ZAM, wanted to get Walt active on CW. He found this key at a garage sale and gave it to walt as a special project gift. This is a bug manufactured by Vibroplex, Inc, 825 Broadway, New York, and carries the serial number 90055, which dates to about 1923. Knowing Walt, it won't be refurbished in another 15 years! K1QS Proj Bug

This new Wm. M. Nye Company 310-001 Speed-X Oval Key on a Nye base belongs to KN5L. It is never too late to start a key collection! Nye Speed-X Oval

After going so long without working CW, Walt, K1QS, has added these keys to his collection.
The Vibrokeyer is for use with the keyer.

The "blue" bug is hoping someone can identify its manufacturer. Nye Speed-X Oval

The "coffin" key is a fine example from Lafayette Radio. Nye Speed-X Oval

The Vibroplex bug is a bug like I used to use. Nye Speed-X Oval