BN-61-202 Balun

5:5 Turn Auto-Transformer Balun

Ruthroff Balun, similar to "Understanding Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs" by Jerry Sevic, Page 4, Photo 1-A, Right

AIM-4170 File AIM-BN-61-202-5T.csv

Core Loss using Magnetizing Admittance

Admittance, S = 1/Y, using Y computed from Fair-Rite Permeability Tables
%loss = load admittance divided by sum of load and core magnetizing admittance
%loss = 0.02 / (0.02 + Re(S)) dB=10*log10(%loss)
Wire Loss approximation using sqrt(F) with 0.2 Ohm at 1 MHz

Core Loss Comparisons

Ferrite Complex Permeability versus Frequency